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Reanne Woods, MS, BCBA, LBA
Founder/Director/Board Certified Behavior Analyst

     Reanne is a Licensed, Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (LBA/BCBA), whom specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). In 2010 Reanne had her first child and started her career as a direct support staff at a residential company in Cordova, TN. Under the supervision of several BCBAs, she began working with adults with intense challenging behaviors and various disabilities. There she helped clients complete daily activities, advocated during doctor appointments, cooked and served meals, performed light housekeeping duties, and provided companionship. Reanne was later promoted to a home manger which included the following duties: grocery shopping, laundry, maintenance, scheduling medical appointments and staffing, coordinating travel and events, household bills, and more. While working as a home manger, Reanne attended Baptist College of Health Sciences in Memphis, TN in a undergraduate Healthcare Management Program. After graduation, Reanne became apart of the Healthcare Management team at her current job where she assisted with establishing policies and frameworks, managed human resources, allocated budgets and other financial resources, submitted reports, and maintained and managed IT systems and databases. 

In 2014 she began the ABA graduate program at The University of Memphis. In 2015 Reanne married her high-school sweet heart of 9 years and became a Behavior Specialist. She worked under the supervision of a BCBA to write and implement behavior reduction programs, while obtaining over 1,000 practicum/internship hours to become a BCBA. In 2016 Reanne had her second child and graduated from the University of Memphis with a Masters of Science with emphasis in ABA. Upon graduating, Reanne worked as a Behavior Consultant with multiple school districts across the Mississippi and Memphis area providing direct ABA Therapy and training to parents, teachers, and staff.  During that year, Reanne also provided residential ABA Therapy to private clients and began building the foundation of ABC Behavior Therapy. In November of 2018, ABC became a center-based ABA Treatment Center. As of today, Reanne has nearly 10 years of combined experience in healthcare & behavior management, possessing an abundance of knowledge and skills. She has gained many hands-on experiences from supporting individuals with autism, intellectual and mental disabilities, severe challenging behaviors, and so much more. Reanne’s professional and personal expertise alone allows her to display genuine compassion, commitment, & integrity deeply embedded in her institution, making ABC Behavior Therapy more than eager to continuously make a positive impact on families, changing one life at a time!

Barbara Pickett
Assistant Director
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My name is Barbara Pickett. I currently serve as the Assistant Director of ABC Behavior Therapy. I am a mother of 6 beautiful and intelligent and a host of grandchildren. I have always had a passion for helping people. I have been in management for several years. Coming to join the team at ABC Behavior Therapy was a great decision for me. We have an awesome leader and a great team. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with the company.

Catrina L. Hunt
HR Director

Catrina L. Hunt is a 45 year old wife and mother of three beautiful daughters age 26, 23 and 12.
She began her career as a Recruitment and Retention Specialist for the Department of
Children’s Services in Hamilton County, Chattanooga and then went on to work for Shelby
County Juvenile Court in Memphis as a probation officer. She has held the role of Director of
Operations at a local child care facility and she owned and managed her own home-based child
care business for several years.
Mrs. Hunt holds a Bachelor of Science degree for UT Chattanooga with a concentration in
criminal justice and psychology. and a Master’s of Business degree from Strayer University.
She later went back to obtain her Juris Doctorate from Cecil Humphrey’s School of Law where
she learned skills to become a registered State of Tennessee Rule 31 Mediator.
She loves children and has worked with children in several capacities for over 21 years. She is
a self proclaimed shoe addict and she enjoys shopping and traveling.

Amber Allen
Office Manager

Hello, My name is Amber Allen. I am the Office manager at ABC Behavior Therapy. With that responsibility comes great expectations and I try and execute them to the best of my ability for the environment.  I enjoy reading and writing novels. The things I enjoy the most with working for ABC are seeing the clients growth and development and actually playing a part of making their lives a little easier.

Erykah Guidry
Associate Clinical Director/Intern BA/RBT

Erykah P. Guidry is a proud wife and “Cajun Mama” of 2 girls and 5 (and counting) dogs. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at UofM in 2020. She is  enrolled in a Master’s Degree program to obtain her Master’s in ABA. Her goal is to then become a BCBA and continue to grow with her new-found ABC Family.

“2 years ago, I was a stay at home mom who knew little to no one in this area. Joining ABC was like joining a family. I’ve grown so much in a short span of time. I have had a great mentor in Reanne who goes above and beyond for her staff.”

In her spare time, Erykah enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and dogs!

Chasidy Davis
Training Director/Intern BA/RBT

Hello, my name is Chasidy Davis. I am a wife and mother of 3 with a passion for helping/watching those around me succeed. I hold a bachelors degree in human services and a masters degree in psychology with a specialty in ABA. On my very 1st interview at ABC I knew I was where I’m supposed to be. We are not just a team of professionals but a family all sharing the same goal- to enrich the lives of our clients and their families.

Georgina Estupiñan
Senior RBT/Translator

I was born in a little town from Zacatecas, Mexico. I don't recall much for I moved to Memphis when I was about 12 months old. Mother and I came here in search of a better life, just like every immigrant of all times. Better life meaning, to have the opportunity to earn what we worked hard for. That is exactly what she did. Our family grew with my dad and little sister. I grew up in a multicultural neighborhood which inspired me in so many ways. Watching all sorts of cultures thrive in this country made me happy to be part of it. I am blessed to have been able to experience the ups and downs of life. An important memory of the difficult times is one of not being able to afford food yet being helped by kind people. We lived in small and poor neighborhood and went out shopping with a Veteran friend. He told my mom he needed help on an errand and instead told her to fill the shopping cart with groceries and he would pay for it. This neighborhood has currently updated. Many families have rebuilt or added to their homes. The neighborhood is showing the fruit of everyones hard work. My family is in the process of building a new home from the ground up. I try to keep the loving and working mindset which my parents have instilled in me. To pass on the love and joy of God in the world through my hard work and dedication for His people. 

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